Because They’re So Outrageously Lovely: the Art and Activism of Deborah Wace

Featured photograph is by Conny Harris, with Elizabeth Perey.   The first thing I saw was a scarf. Or rather, a photograph of one, delicate, exquisitely patterned, with a graceful drape that could only have been silk. It was lifting in a breeze, the corners held proudly and tenderly by a woman. Weirdly, she seemed... Continue Reading →

Escape from Port Arthur Part III

This continues from Part II Eaglehawk Neck Finally, six weeks after the Southport attack, on 26th March, a Telegraphic Message was received from Port Arthur that Signals had been received from Eaglehawk Neck. A boat had been sighted, heading for Maria Island. George King was convinced it was the escapees’ boat but had no vessel... Continue Reading →

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