Unassuming and Retiring

In 1830 Frederick Le Geyt Piguenit arrived in Hobart having been sentenced to fourteen years transportation for receiving government stores. Mary Ann Igglesden (b. 1808), followed him and they married in Hobart in 1833. Mary Ann set up a school for young ladies where she taught “French, music and drawing”.

William C Piguenit

Their eldest son, William C Piguenit (1836-1914), was born on 27 August 1836 at Hobart Town and baptized on 23 September at St David’s Church.

He received some early painting lessons from Frank Dunnett, a Scottish painter, and worked as a draftsman in the Survey Office.

In 1872 he resigned from the Survey Office to devote himself to landscape painting.

Unassuming and retiring, Pigment was an enthusiastic explorer, travelling widely to observe natural scenery.

Mount Olympus, Lake St Clair, Tasmania, the source of the Derwent via Wikimedia Commons

In 1874 travelled on foot with J. R. Scott and R. M. Johnston to the Gordon River and painted the Arthur Range, Lake Pedder and Hell’s Gates.

In 1875 Piguenit had moved to Sydney and after that contributed to exhibitions in New South Wales, London and Paris.

The first Australian-born artist of note, he delighted in mountain scenery and often chose dramatic subjects for his painting.



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