The World is Coming to Derby, Tasmania.


Thank you for help with this post to Brothers Town Cottage, Derby.  All images are courtesy of Tourism Tasmania and Flow Mountain Bike.

How’s the Serenity?

Even if you know Tasmania well, you might not have heard of Derby. It’s a tranquil little town, on a riverbank, nestled among temperate rainforest.

Derby Tasmania 500 px


Derby is just over an hour’s drive from Launceston and most of the time it’s quiet, peaceful and very …. well, Tasmanian.

Derby Tasmania gen store 500px

Derby Tasmania trail 500px


Derby has some dramatic tin-mining history, (explained at the The Tin Dragon Interpretation Centre) or you can visit the Blue Lake, which has a bright aqua colour caused by the minerals on the bottom.

But It’s Not All Tranquillity.

On the 8th and 9th April 2017, around 500 mountain bike riders, along with their crews, and around 60 journalists and photographers, will all descend on Derby for the second leg of

the Enduro World Series mountain bike championships

Derby Tasmania Enduro water 500px   Derby Tasmania Enduro 500px


The world is in for a treat. In the words of  “Flow” at Flow Mountain Bike:

“Riders will get to experience everything from fern forests to granite slabs as they take in the stunning views on offer.”

Derby deserves this.

The mountain bike trails there have become world famous and in recent months …

JOANNA - good cropped

Look, this isn’t my field and for passion I can’t match the people at Flow Mountain Bike. So I’m going to leave the rest of the post to them.

In only a few months, this has become one of the most hyped-up, talked-about and photographed trails in Australia. Rightly so, The Blue Tier is worth every piece of fuss.

We’re referring to the freshly built 20km singletrack descent through the lushest, greenest, mossiest Tasmanian Wilderness you’ll ever see. Though it’s not only the beauty of the place that will get your blood pumping, it’s that incredible feeling when you lose yourself in the fuzzy flow zone as you duck and weave through a trail that’s been built with utmost care and love.

A huge congratulations goes out to all the folks who had the vision to transform this town and who believed in the potential of Derby.

JOANNA - good croppedYou see? I could never have written about “the fuzzy flow zone”.

And all I can add is,

Well done, Derby.

Derby Tasmania bank 500px






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  1. Even the Local council who initiated the MTB trails in the area have only claimed to have 300-500 riders coming to this event…along with support and media they say around 2000 people all up. maybe you have been confused over that point?


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